The Entrepreneurs who Move America Forward
Curtis Leland - President
What drove you to become a part of your industry?
We started the company to solve a problem in the market. The general public is misinformed that dry pet food stays fresh while in the bag. The bag that transports the food from the plant to your home is useless to preserve the foods freshness once opened. In other works, expensive dry pet food immediately is degrading unless stored properly.

Tell us about your business.
We are a US manufacturer in the plastics industry--an industry decimated in the US due to globalization. We are on a mission to make the world a bit better place for pets, as we manufacture and market products to keep dry pet food fresh and healthy for pets.
Michael Schroeder - President
What was the key to success?
Persistence , belief we were doing good, constant innovation.

Tell us about your business.
98% of employers in America have less than 100 employees. These employers and their employees are seeing their health insurance costs double every four years. Many are closing their doors because of it. We developed a new funding strategy for employers that stops the double digit cost increases of this top 3 expense.
N. Rudy Garza - Partner
How did you get started?
We started as a VC firm in 1996 investing in early stage companies. Then about 8 months ago we launched our G51EDU initiative to work towards having a broader impact.

Tell us about your business.
We are teaching people "how to fish" via our Reinvented case study systems. From 18 years of venture capital investing we decided to leverage our systems, processes and networks to spur innovation and help create jobs. From our national network of universities, VCs, Incubators and angel groups we help companies we review with feedback, introductions and friendships.
Elizabeth Pekin - Founder and President
Momentum Funding, LLC
How will your company impact the future?
Momentum will impact the future through their platform of helping underprivileged clients receive access to the health care system, changing the dynamics of injury cases by negotiating reasonable medical bills, and through their advocacy for women in business. Although women-run businesses have shown considerable growth over the last decade female founders still face higher hurdles than men. The hurdles women owners face are in gaining access to credit and winning over clients who are attracted to male-run competitors. (Women's President Organization) Momentum's female founders, have vowed to make it their mission to change this dynamic for women. They are featured speakers and sponsors at women's caucus events for women trial lawyers and spend time mentoring and empowering young women in their business and also assisting the women trial lawyers in how to run their law firms as a business.

Tell us about your business.
Momentum is a women owned national finance company specializing in assisting injured victims help move their lives forward. The female founders raised millions of dollars in capital to launch Momentum and the company assists clients involved in legal cases pay for their living expenses, medical treatment, and transportation needs. They are focused on leveling the playing field for injury victims who live paycheck to paycheck and whose lives spiral out of control after injuries. They are able to assist uninsured victims with medical care and change people's lives on a daily basis. They have assisted over 100,000 victims receive financial help. In addition, the funding allows lower income plaintiffs access to the legal system. The company employs women and minorities and prides itself on offering a futuristic corporate culture where the staff works in a collaborative environment. The leadership team has exceeded expectations and assisted clients with over $30 million in funds since it started. The company also has a charitable organization focusing on bringing awareness to the hazards of distracted driving. The President and Founder, Elizabeth Pekin is a featured speaker nationally helping teach lawyers how to run their practice as a business and on the ethics of legal finance and the medical bill crisis and how to help clients involved in accidents access the health care system.
Angelo Biasi - Founder & CEO
Tell us about your business.
MassiveU is transforming K12 education - and the future workforce - by better preparing students AND teachers for college and career. We work with the world's leading publishers as their digital differentiator. They are using our 21st Century Learning platform for Students (career and technical education) AND Teachers (professional development) to deliver engaging learning experiences that are project based (real-world), social (and collaborative) and gamified (points, badges, leaderboards), among other things. It's unlike any other digital learning experience and is changing the landscape dramatically impacting hundreds of thousands of students and teachers!

How will your company impact the future?
Students and Teachers will be more 'future ready' and prepared for tomorrow's high-demand jobs because learners are not only 'learning' but 'applying' their learning (solving real-world problems, thinking critically, etc.) and 'socially working / collaborating' with others (social) -- via our personalized 21st Century digital learning platform. It's really extraordinary and transformative!
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