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John Baldino - President
Tell us about your business.
My company is designed to provide strong human resources support to growing companies, from start-ups to existing businesses. We see the necessity behind compliance and administration as well as strategy and organizational design. We work to provide mobility and flexibility to the workplace so they can keep focused on the work they want to do.

How will your company impact the future?
We see the investment of people as paramount to the success of any organization. That is not presented from a trendy consideration, but rather one of longevity for competency and communication development.
John Koppelmann - Broker/Owner
Koppelmann Real Estate
How did you get started?
Twenty plus years ago, I was in advertising sales, but not really liking what I did. I then started taking real estate pre-licensing classes in the evening because I thought that since I liked to look at houses and see different houses, that I would enjoy this type of career more. Turns out, 23 years later that not only d I get the opportunity to see a lot of houses, I get the satisfaction of helping people with their real estate needs, whether it be buying a house or selling one.

Tell us about your business.
My job is to assist people with obtaining the American Dream of Homeownership. Often times people are paying more in rent than what a house payment would be, but they do not realize that. One of my favorite things is when a potential buyer has talked to one of the lenders I work with and have found out they can afford to buy a home. During the whole process, the buyer is learning their way through new uncharted territory, which I get to help guide them through. When we get to closing day, they are nervous and excited at the same time. And then after the closing and they have moved in, they are so thankful that they own their own home and get the opportunity to start building equity into their financial future.
Jennifer Villarreal - Corporate Manager
Competitive Power Ventures
How will your company impact the future?
CPV is not just building energy facilities, we’re building engines of economic advancement for local communities. CPV facilities are designed to operate for multiple decades. These types of investments act as significant “economic anchors” within the communities to provide steady, well-paid jobs, increased economic activity and an overall boost to the economy.

Tell us about your business.
Energy is a basic necessity that all Americans depend upon. CPV is moving our country forward, strengthening America's infrastructure by identifying key areas of need for new power and developing, constructing and operating the most environmentally and technologically advanced generating facilities.
Kyle Kinstler - Co-owner
Liberty Tax Service
Tell us about your business.
Help especially the low income filing their taxes. As business matures, serve higher income earners.

How did you get started?
Opened first Liberty Tax stores in Wyoming 13 years ago and Western North Dakota 12 years ago.
W. Shannon McCool - Dr.
RxBio, Inc.
Tell us about your business.
RxBio is developing radiation countermeasure drugs for the benefit of mankind. Our lead compound is Rx100 - the ONLY drug that has been shown (to date) to rescue life when administered up to 24 hrs. AFTER exposure to radiation sufficient to produce GI-ARS (gastrointestinal acute radiation syndrome) - which is lethal and for which there is no present treatment. We have to date received some $32 million in nondilutive development funding from agencies of the US Government.

How did you get started?
I am a clinical pharmacist who has spent the last 40+ years working on the development and commercialization of proprietary pharmaceutical products. Rx100 was discovered by scientists at my alma mater - the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). I was asked by UTHSC to look at it and the formation of RxBio was the result. The inventors are cofounders of the company.
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