The Entrepreneurs who Move America Forward
Mark W. Sheffert - Chairman & CEO
Manchester Companies, Inc.
Tell us about your business.
Manchester is a nationally recognized Board and Management advisory company that has helped over 700 organizations to improve their performance or that were stressed or distressed. Manchester helps companies through professional consultants in various practice areas including refinancing, restructuring through bankruptcy or out of court. Many of these companies would have gone out of business save for Manchester's guidance. Manchester has won national and regional honors by the Turnaround Management Association and by the National Association of Corporate Directors for its success in working with stressed or distressed companies and Boards of Directors. Mark Sheffert, founder of Manchester over 25 years ago, has been inducted into Minnesota Business Hall of Fame, named one of Minnesota's Outstanding Directors including its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for his service on over 50 Boards of Directors. He is a Certified Board Adviser and a Certified Turnaround Professional, who holds a Master's Degree in Management (MSM) and undergraduate degree in business (BS). He is a monthly columnist for 3 business publications distributed in 8 states and has written over 350 articles on Leadership, Governance and Ethics.

What does moving America forward mean to you?
America became the beacon of democracy and capitalism principally through a culture of innovation that rewarded individuals and businesses for taking the risks in bringing new products and services to the marketplace. This economic model brought America through the Agrarian society to an industrial society and more recently the technology and now the information societies. However, America is falling behind, in virtually every key measurement of innovation to other emerging countries, which presents a significant challenge for the country to regain its leadership position once enjoyed. This will happen by our country understanding that we are losing the intellectual equity war to other countries and dedicating ourselves to "Moving America Forward"again. I am working hard to do my part and hope to influence other business people and politicians to do their part.
Bryan Falchuk
Do a Day
Tell us about your business.
I have written a book, and am sharing the message in it through speaking appearances, magazine articles (I'm a contributor for Inc Magazine) and more. The book and the message behind it are called "Do a Day". It's an approach to free yourself from the pain of past mistakes or experiences and the anticipation and anxiety of all that lies ahead in the future so you can face your challenges and find success. I've used it to overcome so much in my own life and to help people I coach and mentor in their lives. It can be used across all we face in life - health & wellness, relationships, business, parenting and more. I wrote the book to share the message with as many people as possible because even if I coached 24/7, there are still so many people I can't help. The message has been resonating across the country. The book was a best seller on Amazon at launch, Inc Magazine picked me up as a columnist to share the lessons with their readers, and I've been doing tons of interviews on podcasts and radio shows to share the message. Every day, I get at least one message from someone who has been impacted positively by the book - overcoming the loss of a spouse, starting a business, dealing with chronic illness - the list goes on. Aside from the book, I do life coaching and offer public speaking engagements. I do none of it for the money, but rather to help change people's situations. I believe firmly that when you're doing what's right and you believe in it, the money part will work itself out. If you lead with the financial motivation, you won't resonate with people or be as genuine as you need to be to have the greatest impact.

How will your company impact the future?
By helping people overcome challenges to live better lives, I am helping to create a more positive world while also empowering people to achieve. That is so clearly tied to the quality of future outcomes for the individuals I'm helping, but for the collective society as a whole. With your help, I can amplify that impact even more.
Ron Carucci - Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Tell us about your business.
How are we helping move America forward: At Navalent, we spend our days working alongside leaders of start ups and major corporations lead profound journeys of transformation. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that the work of starting, growing, and scaling a business is rife with risk. We help entrepreneurs understand and learn how to bring the right disciplines and approaches to scaling that help them avoid the common pitfalls that lead to failure. In our 13 years, we’ve helped transform more than 100 American companies.

What was the key to success?
Our passion has always been to see organizations thrive, grow, compete and win. We love partnering with organizations as “truth brokers” and trusted advisors that can construct transformational solutions to the obstacles that commonly get leaders and their companies stuck. We started Navalent because we wanted there to be a firm company leaders could turn to for reliable, trusted advice and expertise when they faced their most crucial moments of leadership and strategic challenges.
Laura Putnam - CEO and Founder
Motion Infusion
Tell us about your business.
As CEO and founder of Motion Infusion, author of Workplace Wellness That Works (WILEY, 2015), and frequent keynote speaker, I am moving America forward by advancing the health and well-being of our nation, one workplace at a time. I am, what you might call, a former teacher, dancer, gymnast turned movement-builder in the world of health and wellness. My work has been featured on MSNBC, The New York Times, US News & World Report, Investor's Business Daily, Business Insider, Entrepreneur and NPR, and I have been granted the American Heart Association’s “2020 Impact” award as well as the National Wellness Institute’s “Circle of Leadership” award. My company Motion Infusion, founded in 2008, is a wellness company that helps organizations to “get in motion” – and on the road to better well-being at work. By merging evidence-based methods from the field of wellness with best practices from the field of learning and development, we are introducing innovative solutions to improve employee health, well-being and performance. We’ve worked with a range of organizations from large companies like Apple, Wells Fargo, Aetna, Penske and Schindler to academic institutions like Stanford University as well as school districts across America to city, county and state governments like the State of Montana and the City and County of San Francisco to nonprofits like VolunteerMatch and Dress For Success. Whether it’s a Fortune 500, a school, a government entity or a nonprofit, our goal is to inspire every workplace, every leader, every manager and every employee to start a movement of well-being! For more information, check out - Interview on MSNBC: Laura Putnam speaking demo: Laura Putnam website: LinkedIn: Instagram:

What does moving America forward mean to you?
Fueled by a thriving fast-food industry, an “always on” culture and neighborhoods that are better designed for cars than for people, we, as a nation, are sicker, fatter and more stressed out than we’ve ever been before. In fact, if we continue on the same trajectory, our children are likely to have a shorter life expectancy than we do. So, what can we do about it? Change our lifestyles! If only it were that easy…. Here’s the good news: We could prevent nearly 80% of the major chronic diseases – heart disease, diabetes and most cancers – if we were to simply eat better, get more exercise and avoid smoking. In other words, we could reverse and practically undo this trend by changing our lifestyles. Here’s the bad news: most Americans already know they should adopt better habits. They know they should eat healthier, exercise more and avoid smoking. Yet, only 6% of us actually put these basic behaviors into practice every day. We are facing what I like to characterize as a massive “knowing and doing” gap: we know what to do, but we don’t actually do it. For example, you’d be hard pressed to find any smoker who doesn’t know that smoking is bad for them or any individual who doesn’t know that it’s a good idea to exercise more or eat more veggies. So, what do we do about the knowing and doing gap? We, counterintuitively, stop pointing fingers at the individual and focus our efforts on by activating influencers, optimizing environments and shifting cultures. In other words, we focus on making health easy and the “new normal.” One of the best places that we can do this is in the workplace. And, that’s exactly what we’re doing at Motion Infusion: improving the health and well-being of our nation, one workplace at a time.
Tony DiMatteo - CEO and Co-Founder
Autolotto, Inc.
Tell us about your business.
AutoLotto is the first-ever safe, secure, and fun mobile lottery service. AutoLotto’s Tap. Tap. Ticket, approach to the lottery allows users to instantly play the Powerball with zero fees or commissions, and collect 100% of the winnings. Tony DiMatteo is the Chief Executive Officer of AutoLotto, a venture-backed mobile lottery platform which enables officially sanctioned games to go mobile. AutoLotto works with state authorities to advance the lottery industry, providing increased revenues and better regulatory capabilities, while capturing the untapped millennial market. At AutoLotto, he leads a team of intelligent, high integrity and intrinsically motivated developers, engineers, designers and project managers to bring an enhanced mobile consumer experience to the lottery. DiMatteo previously has held numerous executive and C-level positions in tech companies across multiple industries. AutoLotto just announced $17 million in Series A Funding to help its team of serial entrepreneurs build a lottery experience that eliminates store lines, lost tickets and the need to track down results. Its growth comes at a time when the analyst firm, App Annie, predicts the global app market will reach a valuation of $6.3 trillion by 2021. By allowing users to play the Powerball at the palm of their hands, AutoLotto provides a solution to the $2 billion in prizes left unclaimed each year. AutoLotto plans to help lotteries modernize with new games, digital tickets and cashouts, and domestic and foreign partnerships to increase interest among a younger demographic, provide additional revenue streams and one day, create an official global lottery platform. AutoLotto is available on all iOS and Android devices.

What drove you to become a part of your industry?
We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs. We all dream of winning the lottery, but not much has changed about the industry since it was legalized in the 1960s. Over $2 billion dollars in lottery prizes go unclaimed each year because people lose, misplace or forget about their tickets. We saw that firsthand when my co-founder discovered fistfuls of old lottery tickets in his mother in law’s car. We’d made apps before and saw a huge opportunity to take the lottery mobile to provide a solution to the unclaimed winnings and to help players keep track of their tickets.
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