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Ella DerMinassian - Dentist
Bethesda Rock Dental
Tell us about your business.
Our commitment to our patients is the cornerstone of our practice. We are focused on wellness and preventive care which is delivered in a comfortable setting. You can take comfort in knowing we are environmentally conscientious without compromising patient safety. We also provide all digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure. We are down-to-Earth and take our time, even with the most anxious patients! At Bethesda Rock Dental we care about the whole patient, not just your mouth! We are involved in various community activities like Operation Smile and collecting items for Manna Food Bank year round. Our love for the community and concern for the environment carries over into the care of our patients. At Bethesda Rock Dental we are passionate about what we do and you will feel the difference… We look forward to seeing you!

How did you get started?
Dentistry has been our family business for several generations. Dr. Teny Abrahamian is a third generation dentist who was inspired by her family's commitment to oral health and patient care to continue the tradition. Dr. Ella DerMinassian was in turn inspired by a summer job as a dental assistant at her aunt's dental office, who is coincidentally, DR. ABRAHAMIAN!!
Mike - Owner/Broker
Rancho Coastal Properties, Inc.
What was the key to success?
Thinking differently, perseverance, humor.

Tell us about your business.
Mike Daniels is the owner/broker of Rancho Coastal Properties, Inc. Mr. Daniels’ real estate career began in 1991 and includes a rich background in both commercial and residential investment properties, development, sales and marketing. Mike Daniels is a committed full time broker licensed in California with experience in all aspects of property disposition and acquisition. Rancho Coastal Properties embraces a design and application philosophy of "Smaller, Better, Slower." We believe the true core of Real Estate is authentic relationships. "More and Faster" is not the answer. Rancho Coastal Properties helps their clients build profitable and sustainable real estate portfolios. Mr. Daniels’ background and connections include real estate investments, development, sales and marketing– he leverages new relationships and strengthen old ones. Communication is the cornerstone of Mr. Daniels’ real estate business. If you have the opportunity to work together...not only will you be pleased with the outcome, you'll enjoy the journey. Mike Daniels graduated from California State University, San Marcos and earned a B.A. and M.B.A. He is an Associate Professor in the Business Real Estate Department at MiraCosta College where he has been teaching real estate courses since 2001.
Lampros Vrinios - Mr
Texas Commercial Property Brok
Tell us about your business.
Educating myself in my business and the political arena and how it impacts my personal and business life.

What was the key to success?
Keep your word, tell the truth
David Nilsen - President
Accurate Manuafacturing
Tell us about your business.
3rd generation procision manufacturing company. Identicaltwins devleoped a line of high performance fishing reels, one of the last fishing reel manufactueres in the us. Also make aerospace parts for SpaceEx and Honeywell. Made the aprt on SUlly's plane that prevented the crash into the hudson river

What was the key to success?
hard wrok , intergrity and creativity
Mark Puckett - CEO
Raxis Inc
Tell us about your business.
Raxis provides security penetration testing for organizations to help them understand how an intruder could breach their defenses. This includes internet based, internal network, social engineering, and physical security. We literally break into banks, and are successful over 80% of the time during a full test.

How will your company impact the future?
We show organizations a level of risk they had no idea existed. This helps them improve their security posture - and subsequently improve our national security as a whole.
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