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Welcome to Moving America Forward a national television series which celebrates the achievements and contributions of businesses and entrepreneurs across America. The show is hosted by William Shatner, an Entrepreneur himself, and stars Doug Llewelyn. Going beyond the typical news stories with custom created story lines, we create exceptional stories on unique individuals and businesses. Shot at our state-of-the-art facilities our team also travels the U.S and Canada to capture on-location footage to enhance our interviews. The mission of Moving America Forward is to deliver quality educational programming, which will inform, educate and enlighten our viewers both nationally and internationally. Each episode also features a special award presentation from retired Admiral Kevin Delaney honoring the entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, inventors, business owners, philanthropists and newsmakers from a variety of industries that are moving our country forward. This is what we do. We're experts at it.

The Power and the Spirit of the Entrepreneur
The companies and organizations selected to appear on Moving America Forward represent the "best of the best" in terms of overcoming obstacles, believing in their dreams and taking risks. They are the nation's brightest, most successful business minds. Celebrating their remarkable achievements our prestigious list of the Nation's most successful has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial success and the true spirit of Entrepreneurship. Moving America Forward was founded to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of America’s top entrepreneurial business leaders. Since that time, we've honored more than 200 entrepreneurs with the coveted Moving America Forward Award. Drawing entrepreneurs, business and community leaders from every part of the country, we're proud to celebrate the entrepreneurial success stories that drive our economy and serve as roles models for aspiring entrepreneurs.
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Sundays at 11:00am est on biz tv
The Entrepreneurs who Move America Forward
Mark W. Sheffert - Chairman & CEO
Manchester Companies, Inc.
Manchester is a nationally recognized Board and Management advisory company that has helped over 700 organizations to improve their performance or that were stressed or distressed. Manchest...
Ron Carucci - Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Our passion has always been to see organizations thrive, grow, compete and win. We love partnering with organizations as “truth brokers” and trusted advisors that can construct transform...
Bryan Falchuk
Do a Day
By helping people overcome challenges to live better lives, I am helping to create a more positive world while also empowering people to achieve. That is so clearly tied to the quality of fu...
Laura Putnam - CEO and Founder
Motion Infusion
As CEO and founder of Motion Infusion, author of Workplace Wellness That Works (WILEY, 2015), and frequent keynote speaker, I am moving America forward by advancing the health and well-being...
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